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7-highly effective habits of those who live impeccable lives. – Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan, pastor of Miracle Center of Ventura

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan

I believe that the best life, you can have is one that is impeccable, when I say impeccable. I mean, family wholeness, financial freedom, life freedom to go and live where you want, friends that are meaningful, loyal and honest with you, fitness, this is where your physical body health and energy is where it is supposed to be for your age. An impeccable life comes by understand the power of the right habits.  Here are the seven highly effective habits of those who live impeccable lives.

1. They listen: people who live impeccable have the gift of listening to what others say, every voice is important, and every person is treated on the same level when it comes to listening. (parents, peers, partners, students, co-workers, seniors,) They listen to the people and they understand the need to listen. They have the ability to shut their mouth and use their ears. Listening doe’s three things: (1) it demonstrates humility and that you are open to other options. (2) It teaches you how to ask great and powerful questions.(3) it helps you see things from more than one angle.

2. They learn: impeccable people are great learners. There always reading and listening to others while talking to other influential leaders. They place a high value on growing and developing themselves. They learn from others who are not like them and they study other very successful people. They invest time and money in feeding their brain so they can grow.

3. They’re insanely courageous: impeccable people are Courageous people. They understand two things: (1) Courage means to always put others first. (2) Courage means you take responsibility for mistakes they’ve made. They are comfortable and saying I apologize, they don’t hesitate to say I missed it. And now, but I will make it right. In other words, they own the mistakes and they let God turn the mistakes in the miracles.

4. They have a hopeful and positive view of life and living: Most have a very cynical view of life and most people just exist they don’t live. Impeccable people understand that things aren’t always perfect, but they are realistic, positive and hopeful while having a practical plan to slowly change how things, that need to be changed in order to influence and  impact the world around them. They feel they are in partnership with God, and they allow his light to shine through them.

5. They are always looking for the best in people: people who live impeccable lives  know their own talent has an expiration date. So they are always on the lookout for new and rising talent. Finding new talent allows a impeccable people who are leaders to leave the legacy.  The goal in those who are impeccable is to pass on your wisdom, knowledge, and good fortune to others. And especially to those who are younger and hungry for direction and discipline.

6. They never emotionally overreact: impeccable people know how to control their emotions.  They are able to keep their emotions in check when working with people. Working with family and even there foe.

7. They have a calm, collected attitude that things will always get better, because they will make them better. All they ask is—just give them some time and it will be better. And the way they make things better is to prayer. Because to them. God is “Mission Control” just like astronauts know what it means to be dependent. Whether they are preparing for lift-off, orbiting the earth, or floating 200,000 miles away in space, they are constantly in communication with Mission Control on earth, who provides the help they need in every situation.

Just like astronauts, you and I should always be in communication with God, and turn to Him for help in every situation we face in life—in the good times, the bad times and the plain ol’ normal times. And the only way we can do this is through the gift of prayer!

Prayer links you directly with God. It bridges the gap between heaven and earth. God wants you to converse and communicate with Him “without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). And you don’t need to use any special words—you just need to express yourself openly and honestly to Him. There is no location, no situation and no time in life that God is not available for you. He runs a “24/7 operation” and will always listen when you call.

Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by visiting

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