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7 of the hardest people to lead – Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan, pastor of Miracle Center of Ventura

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan

I want to help you understand why so many people feel stuck and struggling…

Many of us are stuck in what is called, the funnel of limitation. When we live in the bottom of the funnel of limitation we believe that what we see is real and we become trapped by an awareness of lack and struggle. Because we are surrounded by many other people who are also trapped in the bottom of the funnel, our beliefs and the beliefs we are surrounded with are also limited…

It is within the bottom of the funnel that we believe in chance, fate and circumstances beyond our control. It becomes difficult to believe in the possibility of freedom. And when all you can see from your limited vision is  restriction and limitation, you live in a state of survival and that’s when you get stuck.

Now, here is the good news, you can move to the top of the funnel – which is open and expansive and filled with life. The key to staying at the top of the funnel is to permanently change the way you live from first dimension living to third dimension living.  You can do this consciously and deliberately.

You can take back your power. You can free yourself from the limitations of the ‘tribal belief system’, and significantly remove your limitations! It all begins with awareness. Start by becoming conscious of who you are listening to. Are you  listening to people who are living at the bottom of the funnel?  If you live from a God in side consciousness you will begin to shift immediately.  Also the people who are around you and those you have to lead or work with. Some people flow good with you others stop your flow the goal should be to lead those around you to victory, but sometimes they make it hard so be wise how you lead people. Here are 7 of the hardest people to lead:

Know it all – It’s difficult to lead someone who won’t listen, because they don’t think they have a need for what you have to say. They think they know more than you…and everyone else. They may or may not, but it makes them very hard to lead.

Gifted leaders – Don’t misunderstand this one. I don’t mean they try to be difficult. They just bring higher expectations for those who try to lead them. I have had some very successful leaders in my churches. I love having them … but they keep me on my toes! (And, that’s a good thing.)

Hyper-critical – When someone is always negative it becomes difficult to lead them, mostly because they zap the motivation from you to do so. They never have anything positive to add to the team, the glass is always have empty, and the sky is always about to fall. Very draining.

Wounded – Wounded people are more resistant to being led to something new until they heal. I’ve had members who came to our church injured. I knew before I could effectively lead them I had to help them heal from their past.

Insecure – Those who lack self-confidence are harder to lead, because they are hesitant to take a risk. The best leadership involves delegation. It’s people who assume responsibility for a task. Insecure people will usually only move when they are given specific tasks to complete. And, while good leaders encourage followers, insecure people need constant feedback and assurance, which can be exceptionally time demanding for leaders.

Religious or Traditionalist – This may not be the right word, perhaps risk-averse would be better, but leadership always involves change… Always. Without change there is no need for leadership. So, those who cling so tightly to the past are harder to lead to something new. There is nothing wrong with tradition or with enjoying the memories of the past. It’s when someone’s love of our history prevents them from embracing their future that it becomes difficult leading them.

Self – The hardest person to lead is almost always our self. If we could always perform as we want others to perform, we’d be better leaders. In fact, most of us would be excellent leaders.

I’m sure I missed some. The fact is everyone can be difficult to lead at times and during seasons. It’s what makes leadership fun, right? Seriously, all of these scenarios and types of people serve a role. Whether or not they prove to be a good fit for your team, they sharpen our skills of leadership.

You can here Pastor Lonnie every Sunday on Keyt 3 (ABC) at 1:30am and 6am also at the  Miracle Center Ventura CA www.miraclecenterventura.com805 644-7722

Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by

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