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American Red Cross Honors Oxnard Fire Department

On Tuesday, April 29, at 1:30 p.m., Oxnard Firefighters were eloquently thanked and honored by the American Red Cross for their courage and bravery for extinguishing a wind driven fire that took place in October of 2013. The fire displaced over 70 people. The ceremony was held at Oxnard Fire Station #1 located at 491 S. K Street, in Oxnard.
“I’m quite appreciative of the Red Cross recognizing our crews, our firefighters, as well as the firefighters in Santa Barbara County, for their efforts in fires that occurred that day. We commend the Red Cross for their efforts in helping people around the world and here in Ventura County,” said Fire Chief James Williams.

The Oxnard Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the City of Oxnard and is staffed by 87 uniformed members.

“The Red Cross wanted to give us recognition for our efforts. On October 4, 2013, we had the Oxnard Boulevard fire where several mobile homes were destroyed by fire. On the same day in Santa Maria, there was a big incident. A similar incident, so they wanted to recognize the region for their efforts on that day,” said Battalion Chief Sergio Martinez.

The Mission of the Oxnard Fire Department is to serve the public and to safeguard the community by preventing or minimizing the impact of emergency situations to life, the environment, and property by responding to both emergency and non-emergency requests for service.

Second and third from the left is Oxnard Fire Chief James Williams and Battalion Chief Sergio Martinez, respectively.

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