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Assemblymember Holden’s 2017 Bills Cleared State Assembly

Assemblymember Chris Holden

Assemblymember Chris Holden

Sacramento, CA – Six of Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bills passed off the Assembly Floor recently. These bills help low income students, enable more housing construction, protect energy customers and create solutions that help all Californians.  Ten of Assemblymember Holden’s bills are ready to advance to the State Senate. These bills include AB 17 which creates low cost transit passes for low income students; AB 56 which makes funds available to housing-related projects; AB 61 which reforms worker’s compensation; AB 279 which adjusts the rates of developmental disabilities service providers; AB 533 which increases penalty for off-road reckless driving; AB 726 which protects energy customers; AB 959 which increases regional center service transparency; AB 1180 which establishes a storm water compliance fund; AB 1239 which increases access to EV charging stations; and AB 1567 which streamlines foster youth enrollment in community colleges and universities.

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