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Attorney Edwards drops first CD

Aria Elan

Aria Elan

Why do some people live their dreams and others don’t? There is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone living life in their own way, taking a chance at the road less traveled and having it lead them to their own greatness and success. It is amazing to see those who discover and live their true purpose, despite the seemingly endless amount of opposition that often comes with living one’s dreams. It takes courage but the result is achieving lasting fulfillment.

In the end, the answer comes down to taking control and being the leader of your life. Entertainment attorney Vernell Edwards a.k.a. Aria Elan, dropped her first CD entitled “Smile” on November 1. The singer/songwriter said, “Smile and the nine other songs on my debut album allow listeners entry into my soul.”

The CD has an elegant, unique blend of “feel-good” soul and jazz and takes you on a journey of radiant positivity; sometimes light and jazzy, sometimes soulful and heart-wrenching. The songs entitled “Smile” and “I won’t stop lovin’ you”, were both produced by Karl Marrett of Marrett Productions. Both cuts have intimate story-telling lyrics.
Edwards is not new to the entertainment business. She represented James Brown & Miriam Makeba; founded Isis Management & SISI INC; wrote the screenplay and several songs from the musical “Amandla ka Mandela” which was staged to critical acclaim at the Henry Street Settlement theatre in New York City; and worked as a freelance music journalist. Traveling throughout Africa, Europe and the Hawaiian Islands, her musical influences are: “as diverse and fragrant as a pot of gumbo”.

What sorts Aria out from the people who follow their dreams from the ones who don’t, is the ability to conquer fear. Everyone feels fear; but only some see the fear on both sides. That’s what helps us conquer it. For more information on Aria Elan, visit: Twitter: @ariaelan; Instagram: ariaelan; Facebook: ariaelan; Youtube: ariaelan and follow hashtag #ariaSmile on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For bookings and media requests with Aria Elan, please contact Catrina Edwards

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