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Author Explores the Plight of Single Nigerian Women

In her new book “A Letter to My Countrymen” (published by AuthorHouse) author Celestina Nwankwoala  explores the challenges that plague Nigerian society, but she is quick to point out that it reaches outside Nigeria. “Anybody interested to have a second look at what makes a society go wrong will be interested.”

“A Letter to My Countrymen” is about what Nwankwoala calls the Nigerian Factor, a concept in Nigeria which makes an average Nigerian accept negativity as the way of life. Nwankwoala believes this is evidenced by the high rate of corruption and lack of attention to social issues, making her book a book of weakness in a country greatly blessed.

Nwankwoala explores a diversity of subjects, including corruption, militancy, unemployment, religion, maternal mortality, child abuse, child slavery and superstitions.

This book “captures the life of ordinary people and their way of life and sheds light on certain tradition and belief system that should be changed.”

About the Author
Celestina Nwankwoala is an educational psychology major from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. She has worked in the administration of the institution for many years. Her major interest has always been socio-cultural issues in Nigeria. She uses every opportunity to advocate for the creation of an awareness of domestic violence in the country and the adverse effect it has on children witnesses through her non-governmental organization, Nirvana Foundations. She lives in Port Harcourt with her children, and is the administrative secretary of the Institute of Petroleum Studies at the University of Port Harcourt.

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