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NAACP President Emeritus Hatcher Dies

The Ventura County community is saddened by the passing of a civil rights icon and NAACP legend, Mr. John R. Hatcher III. He transitioned on the morning of Friday, November 3, 2017. Mr. John R. Hatcher III, NAACP Ventura County President and life member, has been a civil rights leader in the NAACP for over sixty years. For more than 38 years, Hatcher was reelected as the President of the Ventura County chap ...

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Judge won’t dismiss discrimination suit by slave descendants

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit that claims racial discrimination is eroding one of the last communities of slave descendants on the Southeast U.S. coast. Residents and landowners from the tiny Hogg Hummock community on remote Sapelo Island sued the state and McIntosh County in December 2015. The lawsuit in U.S. District Court says the enclave of about 50 black residents is shrinking rapidl ...

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Financial success? Report shows race plays major role

For those growing up in Louisiana, African-American children may have a significantly more difficult time achieving financial success as adults than white children, according to an Annie E. Casey Foundation report. Poverty and policy decisions that have historically limited access to opportunity for minority residents are two main factors that have contributed to the current disparity, said Laura Speer, ass ...

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Debate over Ken Burns Civil War doc continues over decades

By Hillel Italie From the time it aired nearly 30 years ago, Ken Burns' Civil War documentary has been a popular sensation and subject of debate. The 11-hour, nine-part series premiered in September 1990 and became one of PBS' most widely seen educational programs, with some 40 million taking in at least part of the original broadcast. “The Civil War” was the rare documentary to inspire a skit on “Saturday ...

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Despite campaign promise, billionaires’ tax loophole survives again

The tax treatment of so-called carried interest wouldn’t change in the overhaul proposed by House Republicans, retaining a big benefit for private-equity and hedge-fund titans. By Alec MacGillis From early in the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump swore he’d do away with the so-called carried-interest loophole, the notorious tax break that allows highly compensated private-equity managers, real estate ...

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Will Texas Massacre Force Military to Improve its Criminal Reporting System?

The Air Force’s apparent failure to send the criminal records of the airman behind Sunday’s mass killings to civilian authorities allowed him to obtain guns. Such reporting failings are widespread and longstanding. By A.C. Thompson and T. Christian Miller Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had an urgent question Monday about Devin Patrick Kelley, the former U.S. Air Force airman who is accused of killing 26 people wors ...

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Newspaper Organization Head Meets With Civil Rights Leaders and U.S. Mayors

By Stacy M. Brown During a recent meeting in New York City, the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) joined the National Urban League, the National Action Network and a group of mayors from around the country for a results-driven, inclusive economic and civil rights policy planning session. “The NNPA is finally being recognized as both a national trade association of African American-owned newsp ...

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Black Students In The Nation’s Capital Deserve Better

By Lynette Monroe In my role as the program assistant for the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s (NNPA) Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Public Awareness Campaign, I closely followed the proposal process for the District of Columbia’s ESSA plan. I have to admit, I was disappointed by the final version of the plan submitted to the U.S. Department of Education. Overall, D.C.’s ESSA plan is, at best, ...

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Is The Whole World Crazy Or Is It Just Me?

Dr. James L. Snyder Driving across town the other day I was nearly hit by four different vehicles. One ran a stop sign, another swerved in front of me and almost hit me and I’m sure the other two were on their cell phones. After a while I begin to think my life was at risk here. I decided to drop into a little coffee shop and cool my heels a little bit. I ordered some coffee, took a table in the corner and ...

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Children and The Opiod Crisis

By Marian Wright Edelman President Trump’s announcement recently reminded us all that the opioid crisis is a public health emergency, but in fact it is also a national emergency and we must do so much more. Daily we read articles and see searing reports about the opioid crisis. We’ve learned about the role of some doctors and drug companies in exacerbating it. We heard recently about how Congress was compli ...

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