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They came to our offices with M16s

But in the face of flagrant bigotry and ignorance, the protestors in Houston were met by a larger crowd dedicated to peace and prayer. As activists, that's what we have to do every day: Show the strength of our numbers, and our commitment to justice. ...

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Former KKK Leader David Duke Robocall Urges Voters To Vote

“Unless massive immigration is stopped now, we’ll be outnumbered and outvoted in our own nation. It’s happening,” Duke says. “We’re losing our gun rights, our free speech. We’re taxed to death. We’re losing our jobs and businesses to unfair trade. We’re losing our country. Look at the Super Bowl salute to the Black Panther cop killers. ...

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7 Laws You Should Live by Right Away! – Words to Live by

To stop dreaming would mean to stop living. It is our dreams that take us from where we are today to where we will betomorrow. Human nature is to remember failure as final and because of it many never fully recover from defeats in life. How does one handle failure? You maximize the opportunities that life brings. ...

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