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The People’s Throb

By Gary L. Harbour October 10, 2015 marks the 20 year anniversary of the “Million Man March for Civil Rights.” In brief, what civil rights issues remain today? Cassandra Slay, Camarillo, CA “In a very critical way, we have gone backwards. We are again fighting for voting rights that our ancestors died for. This week Alabama implemented a strict voter I.D. law, and then closed all but 3 DMV facilities in the ...

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Life is Attitude – Aspects Galore

I remember diving into that and rapidly mastering several tricks. For a few weeks, friends and family were subjected to my card and concealed coin tricks. I wasn’t hooked for long. This was not “real magic.” ...

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Get Out and Vote – Inez Knows

I want you to really give this some serious thought. Many people are choosing to be a part of a political party because their families or people they deeply respect are a part of that party. Some of those same people do not even believe in the same things that party does. ...

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News from the D.A.

District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced that Rafael Fabian of Kern County, was sentenced to a term of 13 years in the California Department of Corrections for his role in the attack of two guards in the Department of Juvenile Justice ...

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News from the Ventura Fire Dept.

Ventura City Fire Department responded to a reported traffic collision with a vehicle on its side. The first arriving unit discovered a two vehicle collision with the solo occupant in one vehicle trapped and one occupant of the other vehicle denying injury. Firefighters worked to stabilize the vehicle ...

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Get the Scoop on Crime!

Preliminary investigation indicates that the motorcycle, driven by Adrian Magana Esparza, was traveling eastbound on Channel Islands Boulevard from ‘J’ Street and approaching the intersection of ‘C’ Street. ...

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