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The Devil is a Bully

Right now I’m between Bible study classes. In the United Methodist Church, of which I’m not a member, the rather rigid curriculum is called Disciple Class. I’ve completed Disciple I, II and III and am looking forward to Disciple IV. ...

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Killed by Police this week

On August 19, Mansur Ball-Bey, 18, of St. Louis, MO, was killed when police said he pointed a gun at them after they arrived to serve a search warrant. Two officers, both white men, fired a total of four times. The shooting almost immediately attracted protesters ...

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The People’s Throb

“I’d say half and half because I’d expect them to actually do something to earn the trophies. I’d feel bad taking the trophies away, knowing that they felt that they actually earned them.” ...

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The Pendulum Swings – The Mind Matters

In a clock mechanism, there is a gear called an escape wheel which is released one tooth at a time by a lever that rocks back and forth. Each time the escape wheel moves forward it also gives the pendulum a push to keep it moving. ...

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