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Clues in the Attic: Pre-Winter Roof Checkups Made Easy

(NewsUSA) - Your attic could save you from breaking your neck this autumn. Got your attention, huh? Seriously, this is one of the two times each year when homeowners are supposed to check the health of their roofs. (Among other reasons, because they’re key to a home’s energy efficiency.) But who wants to be climbing a ladder 25 feet or so into the sky when the weather is turning sharply colder and nastier? ...

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2015 Social Justice Fund Grantees

The Social Justice Fund for Ventura County (SJF) has awarded almost $30,000 to five local organizations that inspire and educate young leaders who work to improve fairness and justice in their communities. During the last 10 years, SJF has given grants to 27 grassroots groups ...

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