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Insuring the Health of America’s Emerging Multigenerational Workforce

(NewsUSA) - For the first time in modern history, America’s workforce spans four generations. In this new era of multigenerational workers, a “one size fits all” approach to health insurance is a thing of the past. The generational gap is as varied as it is immense. There are the young-adult Millennials, the middle-aged Gen Xers, Baby Boomers nearing retirement age and the Silent Generation in their 70s and ...

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A Guide to Travel Insurance

Insurance companies respond to claims when customers file documents properly. Travelers who need to make a claim should have copies of receipts, ticketing and paperwork relevant to losses such as flight delays, lost luggage ...

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Let’s Talk Card Security

They regularly monitor all cardholder accounts for potentially fraudulent activity. Your card also comes with $0 Fraud Liability, meaning you’re not held responsible for any unauthorized activity on your credit card if it is lost or stolen. ...

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