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Brandon Ragan Project Blues/Funk Band

  Our Beginning… The Brandon Ragan Project formed to blend a classy edge to the classic funk & blues sounds that are ever present in the ongoing entertainment and nightlife music.  All of our musicians are local artists that have committed their talent to “music that moves you” and have  been performing in the Ventura and Los Angeles areas for over a decade. Our performances bring people together t ...

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The People’s Throb

“I feel like the government needs to step in and create programs for those who really need it. I know that there are programs, but they should really invest more time and money to solve these types of problems. They need to educate these groups of people and teach them what life is about. Investing in these people will absolutely benefit everyone. ...

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Be Thankful For Your Haters – Words to Live by

After you’ve accomplished your dream. Walk past your haters smiling. Don’t get angry at them. Just remember you needed their jealousy. You needed them to want to bring you down. So tell your haters to go ahead and hate on you. Tell them feel free to blog about you ...

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