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The People’s Throb

“Probably after he was put in the van. There’s a lot of unnecessary deaths, of all races recently, but especially of Black men. Wrong or right, there’s got to be a better way of dealing with and arresting people. To shoot a guy running away ...

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Prayer Power – Words to Live by

In Matthew 6:33, it says it is not all about seeking the kingdom but finding it as well. People want us to keep on praying and not to receive anything as a response from God. God is the one who said seek first the kingdom and his righteousness ...

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Three Words from Mom – The Mind Matters

When I last visited, I wasn’t sure if she would know me. Sometimes she forgets that I’ve grown up. When I approached her, she was sitting with a group of residents in the reception area. She looked up at me with clear recognition and absolute delight. ...

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Why is a Loaded Question – Aspects Galore

Sue Hines is a life-long seeker and student of the art of finding meaning and purpose in life. Sue has three decades experience in marketing and consulting experience with large and small businesses, including some of the world’s most famous ...

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