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Why I Am Suspicious of All Yard Sales

Dr. James L. Snyder One of the passions that I really do not have is going to yard sales. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is another story. It is my sincere belief that yard sales were created with her in mind. There is not a yard sale within a 150-mile radius she does not know about. If she does not know about a yard sale, it probably is not a legitimate yard sale. Long ago I have come to the point ...

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Parents Deserve “Real” School Choice What Should Black Parents Do When the Feeder School System Fails?

 By Dr. Elizabeth V. Primas (Program Manager, NNPA/ESSA Public Awareness Campaign) I was recently approached by a father of a student from Ann Arundel County, Maryland that was disappointed that his son was unable to attend his neighborhood magnet school; his son met all the requirements to become classified as a magnet student. Upon inquiry, administrators informed the father that the feeder school system ...

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In the social justice world, it’s piranha eat piranha

By Printus LeBlanc In today’s hyper-sensitive world, a simple observation or sentence can get blown out of proportion and make worldwide news. The advent of social media has allowed the PC police to monitor and act twenty-four hours a day whenever someone’s feelings might be in jeopardy. But what happens one person with a victim card offends someone else with a victim card? In a recent press conference, Car ...

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Vietnam – The Worst Years of our Lives – Part I

During the past two weekends Kay and I “binge watched” the PBS documentary special on The Vietnam War.  It is factual, well produced and is necessary for all Americans to view and take to heart.  Caution:  If you remember the Vietnam days like I do, it will be strong medicine to take.  It showed that our leadership (elected officials) is not a thing of perfection.  In fact, it is as faulty as humanity can b ...

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NBA players want change, and now must decide how to proceed

By TIM REYNOLDS NBA teams are going to do something. What, no one is exactly sure yet. The first practice of the year awaits most NBA teams Tuesday _ and as if the task of getting ready for a regular season that starts in three weeks wasn't daunting enough, coaches and players all over the league are trying to decide how to best use their platform and continue striving for what they hope is positive change ...

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Bronco Corral

By Mike Kellogg Well, by now you know that football season is in full bloom. Both college and professional football has had its day for all to view. Some surprises, some disappointments and a whole lot of married folks talking about temporary changes in living arrangements. After watching more than 20 college and professional games over the weekend, here are some observations. No one is worth $25 million a ...

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Sharks’ Joel Ward could bring anthem protests to NHL

By Staff Reports Sharks forward Joel Ward told The Mercury News he might take a knee during the national anthem at an upcoming game, becoming the first NHL player to join the protests that started in the NFL and drew criticism from President Donald Trump. The 36-year-old Ward, one of about 30 black players in the league, is from Canada. Asked by the newspaper if he would consider kneeling during the anthem, ...

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One Good Deed Deserves A Kick In The Pants

Dr. James L. Snyder Have you ever had the feeling that any good deed you try is counteracted by a good swift kick in the pants? I recently grabbed a quick lunch at a local restaurant. I don’t like eating at fast food restaurants, but, occasionally, I don’t have much choice. Then, once in the restaurant the menu doesn’t give me much choice, either. I ordered my lunch and settled at a corner table. About half ...

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The American Flag Is Soaked in Black Blood

By Julianne Malveaux (NNPA Newswire Columnist) I am not sure why the national anthem and the so-called American flag are part of our nation’s sports pageantry. Before 2009, while the national anthem was played, sports gladiators were not required to suit up, stand up, and put their hands to their hearts; and why should they? The song that is sung is an insult to people of color. When I hear “the land of the ...

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Coming Out As a White Nationalist When It Comes to Immigration and Free Trade, I am a White Nationalist

By Raynard Jackson (NNPA Newswire Columnist) A few years ago, I wrote one of the most difficult, most personal columns I have ever written. I was totally terrified about going public with that particular column, because I didn’t know how strangers, my family, or my friends would respond to it. In 2013, I came out of the closet and out of the shadows. I publicly admitted that I was heterosexual. Wow. I tell ...

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