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The Fight to Protect Voting Rights Continues #StayWoke We Must Take Every Opportunity to Fight Voter Suppression

By Derrick Johnson (Interim President and CEO, NAACP) We all know the power of the vote. One person, one vote serves as the basic ethos and measurement of any democratic nation. Without true voter protection, integrity and universal access, America’s light on the hill dims. Since Shelby V. Holder dismantled the Voting Rights Act, many southern, states with a history of voter suppression and related oppressi ...

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Kamala Harris at black church: US isn’t as split as it seems

By BILL BARROW Making her first high-profile foray into the Southern black church, California Sen. Kamala Harris told a Georgia congregation founded by former freed slaves that the United States remains wracked by racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination that flout the nation's core values. But the rising Democratic Party star added that Americans aren't as split as ``forces of hate and division'' s ...

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How the Bankruptcy System Is Failing Black Americans

Black people struggling with debts are far less likely than their white peers to gain lasting relief from bankruptcy, according to a ProPublica analysis. Primarily to blame is a style of bankruptcy practiced by lawyers in the South. by Paul Kiel with Hannah Fresques Novasha Miller pushed through the revolving doors of the black glass tower on Jefferson Avenue last December and felt a rush of déjà vu. The bu ...

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Lawmakers Seek End to Triple-Digit Interest on Payday and Car-Title Loans

By Charlene Crowell A group of Capitol Hill lawmakers are combining efforts and influence to legislatively crack down on predatory lending, nationwide. Seventeen Members of the U.S. House and eight U.S. Senators are supporting companion bills that would slash the cost of payday and car-title loans from their typical 300 percent annual interest rate to no more than 36 percent—the same rate protection that Co ...

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Lawmakers, Civil Rights Leaders Challenge DeVos on Student Loan Enforcement

By Charlene Crowell (Communications Director, Center for Responsible Lending) Civil rights leaders and Capitol Hill lawmakers are standing up and speaking out against a recent Department of Education (DOE) decision to sever its working relationship with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In separate and independent actions, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and staff are being challenged and cor ...

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What Does an Innocent Man Have to Do to Go Free? Plead Guilty.

This is Part 4 of a 4-part series on the wrongful conviction of James Owens, who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 1988 for a murder he didn’t commit. A case out of Baltimore — in which two men were convicted of the same murder and cleared by DNA 20 years later — shows how far prosecutors will go to preserve a conviction. Mercer worked to make it the best deal he could. If ...

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Ask Alma: My Flamboyant Co-Worker Gets on My Nerves

By Alma Gill (NNPA Newswire Columnist) Dear Alma, I come to you as humbly as I know how, because I’m really at an interesting professional intersection. I currently work at a summer camp teaching kids how to cook and my co-teacher is tawdry. We will call this person “Calvin.” So, Calvin has been cooking for a while and has a lot of life experiences that add life and joy to our program. If something goes wro ...

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Normal Isn’t All It’s Cracked up to Be

Dr. James L. Snyder “Well,” the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage sighed rather deeply, “now that the hurricane is over I guess we can all get back to normal.” When she said “normal,” she looked at me and gave me one of “those looks.” I am very much confused when it comes to this idea of normal. What in the world is normal? Often when we go out somewhere she says, “Please try to act normal tonight.” For me ...

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The Continuing Assault on Childrens’ Health

It’s back. The assault on our children’s health coverage has been resurrected for a final last-minute attempt at passage and is even more dangerous and cruel than ever. The latest Graham (R-SC)-Cassidy (R-LA) revision of the health repeal bill feels like a Halloween movie cliché with a zombie-like villain that refuses to die if its threats to children, seniors, and more of America’s most vulnerable weren’t ...

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FBI wiretap on Manafort in 2016 can only mean that almost the entire Trump campaign was bugged by Obama

By Robert Romano A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrant was obtained against former Trump campaign manager and chairman Paul Manafort at a time when he had an apartment at Trump Tower and was either actively working on the campaign or still in contact with the campaign, according to the Sept. 19 CNN report. As a result, it turns out the FBI under former President Barack Obama, Attorney ...

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