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Obama Lauds Black Women at CBC Dinner

“It is an affront to the very idea of America when certain segments of our population don’t have access to the same opportunities as everybody else. It makes a mockery of our economy when Black women make 30 fewer cents for every dollar a White man ...

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The People’s Throb

“While it’s a great start in the right direction, I have to agree that at the end of the day it is not enough, considering the scale of conflict that country is currently facing.” ...

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Your Peace is Your Power – Words to Live by

I don’t have to offer them affirmations or tell them what to do. I no longer assume that it’s my reusability to inspire or enlighten the people who fight me. Instead I release them because anything that threatens your light from shining you must release ...

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Good Riddance!!! – The Mind Matters

Recently, I read this bit of wisdom. “Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.” We could all use that thought as a guideline to approach the task of freeing ourselves from troublesome people ...

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Cozette M. White Helps Kids with Money Management\

Cozette M. White, “The Money Coach”, is a leading wealth strategist and certified coach. She’s an exceptional business communicator and author of Smart Finances for Smart People, offering strategies and tactics to effectively manage your personal finances. ...

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