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The People’s Throb

“Buy my parents a brand new house, pay for my college tuition, including medical school. Donate money to help homeless people & animals. Create a scholarship to help young scholars like myself pay for their tuition.” ...

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The 5 things I live my life by! – Words to Live by

Key #4 Your Habits guarantees your success without a doubt your habits will predict your level of success in life! I have seen in thousands of times in my life and the lives of people I help. If your habits consist of hanging out with naysayers, drinking at the local bar every night ...

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Your Stuff – The Mind Matters

I invite you to begin the New Year without dragging the past behind you. Ask yourself, “Who is going to get stuck sorting this mess out when I’m dead?” or “Will it fit into my coffin?” Do Not get containers to organize it all! It’s only more clutter! Do what is obvious ...

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