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Homeownership Declines as Number of Renters Grow

Despite some signs of housing recovery America remains a nation burdened by high housing costs, according to a new report from Harvard University. The report, State of the Nation’s Housing 2012, finds some signs of recovery in the housing market in spite of continuing concerns about foreclosures and the border economy. Whether renting or buying a home, the number of households paying more than half of their ...

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5 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Some home buyers fall for common pitfalls when purchasing a home. How can you help make sure you don’t fall for one? recently featured some of the biggest mistakes home buyers often make. Their list included: 1. Trying to fix credit scores before buying a home. Home buyers may do more harm than good if they don’t consult a financial expert first. “Even paying down credit card balances, which is a ...

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Maximize Profits From Your Rental Property

(NewsUSA) - Managing a rental property can be an excellent source of income in today's economy. A third of the nation's households rent their residences, according to the 2010 U.S. Census Report, and that number rises as high as two-thirds in large metropolitan areas, such as New York and Los Angeles. Given the steady demand for rental housing, it's no wonder that individuals are investing in real estate, b ...

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