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Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Hosts Annual Day Celebration

The Women’s Ministry of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Women’s Ministry of  Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Bethel A.M.E.), hosted their Annual Day Celebration this past Sunday, February 16, 2014. The event, themed Christian Women Empowered to Serve in Any Season of Life, is an annual celebration whose purpose is to serve the women of the church and community by providing spiritual directions and guidance, education on women’s health issues, assisting the needy, and interceding for others in prayer. Ultimately, to help women mature as Christians.

Bethel celebrated the Women’s Ministry as part of their worship service. The celebration began with an introduction of the speakers by Stephanie Kelley followed by an A and B Selection by the choir. The keynote speakers included Grenisha Holmes, Inez Lanns, Ruby Manor and Jeweline Jones.

Grenisha Holmes emphasized the importance of different seasons through a poem titled The Kingdom of God Is At Hand   by Janelle Robinson. “It’s time to put in that work. We need to start working and making the changes that we want to see in this world. We have to do it. We can’t wait for anyone else to do it.” Excerpts from the poem include: “The Kingdom of God was a mystery, but the key in found inside you and me… The Kingdom of God’s government is a spiritual process of establishing faith in Jesus as our solid belief. Administering Kingdom needs, enforcing heavenly decrees in a world we’ve been commanded to seize… In the Kingdom of God we overtake, overthrow, subdue and morally conquer. We walk in the authority of a heavenly sponsor. In the Kingdom of God are great destinies, but your destiny is only manifested when you have been effective in the lives of the people that you have affected. The time is now! The Kingdom of God is at hand.”

Ruby Manor spoke about being of service as a Christian woman. “Every season is beautiful in its time. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, each one brings about wonderful, beautiful and sometimes unexpected changes. No matter what season it is, it’s our time,” said Mrs. Manor. She continued, “Serving is something that I still take as a privilege, to serve in my church and in my community. Our theme ‘Christian Women Empowered to Serve in Any Season of Life’ has this meaning for me. God has equipped each one of us through his power to be humble and willing servants, regardless of where we are in life. God has given all of us some abilities, interests, gifts and talents, and life experiences that shape us so that we are able to serve others for his glory. Not for our glory.”

Reverend Robert L. Cox gave the final words at the celebration. “I just thank God that God does not give up on us. I thank God that no matter where we are upon this walk of life, there is something for each of us to do. It’s about having a willingness to serve. It’s about knowing that God did not bring us this far to leave us; that there is something yet for us to do. When you find out what it is that you are to do, have a willing attitude and say Lord here I am. Use me.”

Bethel A.M.E., located at 855 South ‘F’ Street, in Oxnard, is under the direction of Rev. Robert L. Cox. The church’s mission is to minister to the social, spiritual, and physical development of all people. For more information, contact 805-486-6477, email, or visit

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