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Bloomberg Wants More Blacks and Latinos Stopped

Michael Bloomberg and Jarrett Dines

By Nayaba Arinde

An “own goal,” an “unforced error” and a “foot-in-mouth gaffe” are some of the terms being used to describe Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial remark about stop-and-frisk uttered on his radio show. He told his audience that he believed, “We disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little.”

With 685,724 people stopped in 2011 and 533,042 last year—90 percent of whom were Black or Latino, and with only a 10 percent arrest rate—Bloomberg determined that it is the 9 percent of stopped whites who are being targeted, while the number of people of color who are stopped should be higher.

“His remarks are ignorant and arrogant Bull Conner-type of racism,” said City Councilman Charles Barron. “Studies show that more whites are caught with guns than Blacks. Too bad we don’t have an impeachment process, because he needs to go immediately.”

Jubilant over the City Council’s passing of the Community Safety Act (two bills: Intro 1079, the NYPD Oversight Act, and Intro 1080, the End NYPD Discriminatory Profiling Bill), Council Member Jumaane D.Williams had words for Bloomberg’s acerbic comments.

“The mayor has perfectly exemplified the administration’s confusion between a constitutional stop—which we want to see practiced and which the Community Safety Act protects—and blatant profiling,” said Williams. “New Yorkers will all be safer when City Hall focuses its policies on good and lawful police work, and with a reduction in illegal stops, we can drive resources toward needed public safety enhancements like hiring more cops to put on our streets.”

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