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Film Review: Hell or High Water

The Hell or High Water story is so rich it feels like it was taken from a novel or based on real crooks like Bonnie and Clyde or Jesse and Frank James. But it isn’t. It’s all made up. This classic, thoughtful, and evocative storytelling ...

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Top Twenty Most Beautiful Castles in the World

Part I of II In the old days, there was nothing the rich and powerful could do to show off their wealth and influence than to build a castle. Whether it was intended for defense, or simply as a retreat, the castle was always an awesome and imposing sight. We’ve put together a list of the top 20 best castles in the world. Tell us what you think about it! 20. Trakošćan Castle Starting off our list is the beau ...

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Bernie Mac’s Widow Remembers The First Thing He Ever Said To Her

By Lisa Capretto In 1974, Rhonda McCullough first crossed paths with the man who would become her husband, the late comedian Bernie Mac. The two were still in high school, and though Rhonda had seen Bernie in the hallways before, she tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” that she wasn’t drawn to him until their first face-to-face meeting. “I remember all the young girls, they were just crazy about him. I often ...

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