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Oxnard man plants chemical weapon inside a Walmart

On Tuesday they interviewed Reyes at the Ventura County Main Jail, where he was in custody on an unrelated charge. Investigators said Reyes confessed to building the device and leaving it in the store. They said he knew the device was capable of creating a gas, and that he researched how to build it on the internet. ...

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Profits of Pathology

If the powers that be want to demonstrate their seriousness in addressing and solving these issues, then they need not elevate those who pander to and profit from the basest instincts of people in communities beset ...

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Kns Rockstar loved at Surf Rodeo for bringing different atmosphere for the families, breaks barriers best at the event

Kns Rockstar was thanked by the Ventura County Police Department, teachers from Bakersfield, mothers and fathers from Georgia, Indiana and others plus the City of Ventura, for bringing their Stop Tha Bullying And Youth Violence School Tour Stage to Surf Rodeo one of the biggest festivals in Ventura County. ...

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