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Hypno-Reiki: A Way to Let Go of the Pain – The Mind Matters

By Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, C.Ht., EFT-CC Are you suffering? “Chronic pain is a problem that has reached near epidemic proportions,” said Edward Covington, M.D., director of the Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program at the Cleveland Clinic. “The ‘can do, can cope’ spirit of Americans can lead to untreated chronic pain, which has a severe impact on people’s work, personal relationships, hobbies, and even sex, ...

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The People’s Throb

By Gary L. Harbour It’s Black History month. Can you share about your favorite person from the past or present? Lourdes Infante, 44 Port Hueneme, CA “I admire President Obama for being a man of integrity, for caring about the people and always showing respect. I believe it starts with family and President Obama has shown it starts from home. From his house to the White House, Mr. Obama loves, respects and h ...

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