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Are You Free? – Inez Knows

Birds that are trained to stay in a cage will not leave their cage if the door is left open. Although they are meant to soar and fly, they will remain caged even though they don’t have to. They stay in the only environment that they know. Some people are afraid to step ...

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Speared sea lion dies from injury

Dwight Williams, hotel guest at the Hampton Inn in Port Hueneme, said "Each morning around 1am, I would wake to the sound of something crying." He said he later found out it was the speared sea lion. ...

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The People’s Throb

“American territory and reservations under the United States governing body should be able to exercise the right to vote and any amendment just as easily as in Los Angeles . The United States and its territories shouldn’t have differences. ...

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Don’t give up! – Words to Live by

Here’s one thing for sure if God told you to do something he would never change his mind. The Bible says God changes not! In conclusion not only do you need to stay focused, but you need to fight the good fight of faith. Faith will be needed because there will be times ...

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