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What’s The Problem Here? – Aspects Galore

Imagine the face of a customer of yours – one you like – and think about what that person would want you to do. Your customers want you to succeed. They want to be proud to be your customers. Help them feel that, and your business will thrive! ...

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Tangled Hearts – The Mind Matters

When you speak from your heart, you also give your friend the opportunity to do the same. You may find that they may not want to let you go. They may want to reinforce that connection. You may want that too. You’ll find that when you speak your truth ...

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Cruise- Ship Etiquette Manners “R” Essential

Nothing gets the glance from fellow passengers more then when they follow the dress code – putting on a jacket or tie, for instance – and you show up in the dining room carefree in a Hawaiian shirt. If you want to go casual on a more formal night, head to the buffet. ...

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