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Three Words from Mom – The Mind Matters

When I last visited, I wasn’t sure if she would know me. Sometimes she forgets that I’ve grown up. When I approached her, she was sitting with a group of residents in the reception area. She looked up at me with clear recognition and absolute delight. ...

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Why is a Loaded Question – Aspects Galore

Sue Hines is a life-long seeker and student of the art of finding meaning and purpose in life. Sue has three decades experience in marketing and consulting experience with large and small businesses, including some of the world’s most famous ...

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News from the D.A.

The defendants were accused of planning and executing an elaborate scheme to use an unsuspecting victim’s residence in Oxnard as collateral for Lopez’s bail in a separate Kern County case. ...

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Get the Scoop on Crime!

On April 30, officers from the Oxnard Police Department were dispatched to a possible shooting victim in the 4800 block of South Rose Avenue. When officers arrived they located a vehicle that had driven into a business. Officers ...

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The People’s Throb

“It is wonderful that in 2015 that I would see this day. We have the first African-American woman to be named United States Attorney General. As a nation we have begun to recognize the value of the roles ...

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