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Divine Appointments – Words to Live by

Any time you are faithful in fulfilling your kingdom assignment there will be advancement and in order for this advancement to happen generally there will be a divine appointment.(an appointment that God has arranged) you reading this right now is part of a divine connection ...

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Learning to Try – The Mind Matters

Learners have possibilities. Every failure or mistake is just one step closer to success. Failures become insights and invite celebration rather than dismay. Failure does not define you as a person. You failed at an action; performing a particular task. ...

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Brand Comes Before Price – Aspects Galore

By Sue Hines Pay attention to your brand and you will increase the volume of sales you do. It’s a proven fact that far more people base their purchase decisions based solely on Brand than only on price. What are the big secrets that make a brand desirable and magnetic? Actually, there are no secrets. It is more like the elephant in the room than anything secret. You already know that we humans are emotional ...

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It’s Fair Time!

The Kid’s Mutton Bustin’ provides the excitement and flare of a professional rodeo contest, designed especially for your little cowboy or cowgirl! ...

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The People’s Throb

“I believe it’s safe to a certain extent. Playing the game, you still use common sense about where you should and should not be. A game should never be worth more than your wife, or your safety.” ...

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That Time 5 Years Ago – The Mind Matters

Be thankful for your mistakes because they teach you valuable lessons. You know what not to do. This helps you to know better what to do. You’re given the opportunity to try again and you are more prepared to succeed. You gain confidence and perseverance. ...

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