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Entitlement Doesn’t Teach Hard Work – Inez Knows

By Inez Lanns It seems that in this day and age, there is this unspoken sense of entitlement plaguing a large group of people. So many people want success, but they don’t want to put in the work that it takes to gain success. Many people want the rewards without putting in the work. We have gotten busier in our society which has led to us wanting to have more with less time and effort. We also have more tec ...

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The People’s Throb

By Gary L. Harbour Who Do You Perceive As The World’s Poorest, Neediest, and Most Helpless People? Marianne Lopez, 39 Bellflower, CA “Poorest: especially in the Southern Hemisphere – Africa, South America, and even parts of elsewhere. Harsh environments and weather, lack of education for all, and socio-economic and military strife ends up creating an environment of financial hardship that is hard to compare ...

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Is Your Mind Being Hi-Jacked? – The Mind Matters

By Patricia Lynn Belkowitz, C.Ht., EFT-CC Do you engage in mental time travel? Wandering around in CouldaShouldaWoulda World, revisiting old hurts and past disappointments? Maybe you’re exploring the unknown territory of TomorrowLand, investing your time imagining things that make you feel fearful or anxious? If you’re thinking about the past, you are experiencing it NOW. If you’re thinking about the future ...

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