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News from the D.A.

District Attorney Gregory D. Totten announced that Rafael Fabian of Kern County, was sentenced to a term of 13 years in the California Department of Corrections for his role in the attack of two guards in the Department of Juvenile Justice ...

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News from the Ventura Fire Dept.

Ventura City Fire Department responded to a reported traffic collision with a vehicle on its side. The first arriving unit discovered a two vehicle collision with the solo occupant in one vehicle trapped and one occupant of the other vehicle denying injury. Firefighters worked to stabilize the vehicle ...

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Get the Scoop on Crime!

Preliminary investigation indicates that the motorcycle, driven by Adrian Magana Esparza, was traveling eastbound on Channel Islands Boulevard from ‘J’ Street and approaching the intersection of ‘C’ Street. ...

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The People’s Throb

According to consumer reports, most of us don’t worry about the chance that cell phones could cause brain cancer. Should we worry, use caution or not worry at all? ...

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Moving Beyond Stuck? – Words to Live by

When we allow ourselves to become trapped in these unhealthy ruts, we undermine our own greatness, believing the lies that “nothing good dwells in me” and that we are not strong enough to do any better. My friend that is simply not the truth. ...

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Are You Lazy or Apathetic? – The Mind Matters

Your subconscious mind is your goal-achieving machine. It is a high-powered vehicle with no limitations. Your conscious mind is the driver of the vehicle. If you are not intentionally starting up the engine, nothing happens. “Standing objects remain stationary. ...

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