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A Noticeable Gap – Inez Knows

By Inez Lanns It is almost that time of the year – election time!  And I have made quite a few observations over the past few months.  I have sat back and watched our elected officials and those who desire to be elected into office engage in our community. I have been talking to more people dealing with anxiety and depression due to the crisis of life and different situations coming against them.  There are ...

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Are You Free? – Inez Knows

Could you imagine being enslaved while not knowing you had the right to be free? Liberty has been granted to you, but because someone wants to control you (for their own personal gain) ...

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The People’s Throb

“I think it all comes down to examples you set for your child. Also, I think involvement is key. If you don’t set a good example, your child will not know ...

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