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It Is Easier than You Think – Aspects Galore

There is “salvation” – a great feeling of triumph, relief, satisfaction, renewed momentum when you turn direction slightly, like a sailboat turning into the wind or catching the wind, and are able to flow with life, with the natural laws of life. ...

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The People’s Throb

“The day is dedicated to all the beautiful mother’s in this world. I just want to give my mother the world one day because she deserves it. There ain’t no woman alive that can take my Mama’s place. When I look at my Mom ...

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Don’t Ignore These Signals – Aspects Galore

By Sue Hines The next time you think you have made a rational, logical choice about which home, car, or computer to buy, know your rational brain has tricked you. What are the signals that your very own brain is tricking you into thinking you are being logical? Signals You Can Trust There are 265 models of new motor vehicles available in the US. With all the features and options available, deciding on the v ...

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