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What is “Exciting?” – Aspects Galore

She is going to be spending her summer on the coast in Italy. Not only is she going on vacation there, but she will be paying for it all by spending 2 weeks teaching English to Italians. She is also starting a bi-weekly local Meetup Group for Italians ...

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The People’s Throb

“I think Congress has been against President Obama for many reasons since he’s been in office. Obviously, if he is nominating Merrick Garland for Supreme Court Justice, then it’s for a good reason. If they refuse to do their job, then they should be taken out of office for refusing to do so.” ...

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Five Keys for Great Living – Words to Live by

Habits guarantee my success without a doubt your habits will predict your level of success in life! I have seen in thousands of times in my life and the lives of people I help. If your habits consist of hanging out with naysayers, drinking at the local bar every night ...

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