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Drone Technology Beneficial To The Real Estate Game

By Scott Johnson Real estate agents and home inspectors are always looking for innovative ways to keep their clients informed. One of the latest tools in the home buying and selling process is drones. Drones are remote-controlled pilotless aircraft that allow aerial shots and different views of the property and can provide an added benefit to real estate transactions. Here are three key ways drone technolog ...

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Another fitness-band company shuts down. But why?

By David Pogue According to the Information, Jawbone shut down. That’s the company, valued at $3 billion, that brought us the Up fitness bands. So here’s the thing: Microsoft discontinued its fitness band in 2016. Nike discontinued its Fuel band in 2015. Meanwhile, Fitbit, the biggest remaining seller of fitness bands, is having a tough time. Its first-quarter sales were down 39 percent over the same period ...

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How to switch from iPhone to Android and vice versa

By Daniel Howley Part I of IIChange is good. It’s, as the cliché goes, the only constant. But change is also hard. And the hardest kind of change, outside of my transformation from obnoxiously dressed teen to a just plain obnoxious man-child, is changing the kind of smartphone you use. I’m not talking about going from an old iPhone to a new iPhone; I’m talking about changing from your old iPhone to a new An ...

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Black Entrepreneur Launches Online Service to Help Car Buyers Find the Best Deals

Dallas, TX — Car buyers can expect the best value for their money when they use With an inventory of over 100,000 new and used vehicles at dealerships across the U.S., they provide a variety of choices with personalized service for each customer. The growing company specializes in removing the stress of haggling with car dealers. Negotiated discounts and rebates are beyond what the manufactu ...

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These Two Programs Help Low Income Mothers Triple Their Income With a Career in Technology

Low income mothers need all the help they can get when it comes to emerging themselves to high-wage careers in technology. Fortunately, there are non-profit programs that are reaching out to assist them. Giving back to help women move forwardOne helpful program is Techtonica ( Techtonica is a non-profit coding bootcamp for women, and they cover more than just web development. Their full- ...

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Mobile Payment App Gives Apple Pay a Run for Its Money

(NewsUSA) - This fall, like clockwork, Apple, Inc. will launch its iPhone 8, with yet another new operating system. Added to the mix will be the launch of Apple Pay Cash and sending money inside its messenger app, also known as Peer to Peer (P2P). The problem is that millions of Apple and Android users won’t be able to use it.The reason is that you must have an iPhone 6 or higher to be compatible with iOS11 ...

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