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New CopCritic Mobile App Balances Racial Injustices with Police

Tallahassee, FL — On September 13, 2016, Victor Holman of Lifecycle Performance Professionals launched CopCritic – the first ever live streaming mobile app and website focused specifically on ensuring safe interactions between law enforcement and the communities they serve. A preview of the app can be viewed on YouTube video CopCritic allows the public to view, monit ...

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Protect Your Kid’s Identity

No one will be able to see, hear, or intercept your kids’ communications other than the parties they are in contact with because Gabriel does not transmit or store its data with any third party ...

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Meet Perseus: The World’s First Smart Mirror

With the exception of the voters of our country, everything seems to be getting smarter these days. Phones, televisions, security systems, music players, gaming consoles and even entire houses. All that was really left was staring at a smart mirror that gave you weather ...

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