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Google is Putting Its New Self-Driving Cars on the Road

Insurers, whose policies must be approved by state regulators, are scrambling to write new plans. Moreover, technology has not yet solved the ethical quandary that surrounds letting a vehicle drive itself. When an accident becomes unavoidable -- say, a child runs out into the street -- the computer cannot yet make a value judgment about whether ...

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BitTorrent Launches Private Messaging App

The new and improved Bleep also adds a function called "Whisper," which obscures key information in an effort to frustrate would-be screenshot-takers. When you're using Whisper, messages and images will be deleted 25 seconds after they're viewed ...

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Let’s Talk Card Security

They regularly monitor all cardholder accounts for potentially fraudulent activity. Your card also comes with $0 Fraud Liability, meaning you’re not held responsible for any unauthorized activity on your credit card if it is lost or stolen. ...

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