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Apple Introduces iOS 9

By Alexis Kleinman Your iPhone is ready for an upgrade. Every year, Apple releases an update to its operating system, and at the World Wide Developers Conference, the tech company announced its latest version of the iPhone and iPad’s operating system: iOS 9. The update will give your iPhone a new look and new tools, and it’ll prepare Apple for the next version of the iPhone, which will likely be announced t ...

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You Can ‘Shazam’ Images Now

The move seems centered mostly on advertising. If you were to scan a compatible poster for "Tomorrowland," you'd simply be able to watch an "exclusive trailer" for the movie on your phone. Shazam a Target advertisement, and you'll be able to "shop featured products." ...

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Technology Gifts for Father’s Day

Are you looking for a $200 laptop loaded with Windows 8, good for typing things, cheap, durable and mobile? If so, then you want the HP Stream 11. Unlike the Google Chromebook, this device is loaded with Windows for you PC users. ...

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Google is Putting Its New Self-Driving Cars on the Road

Insurers, whose policies must be approved by state regulators, are scrambling to write new plans. Moreover, technology has not yet solved the ethical quandary that surrounds letting a vehicle drive itself. When an accident becomes unavoidable -- say, a child runs out into the street -- the computer cannot yet make a value judgment about whether ...

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