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The Nintendo Switch’s Mobility Is Sweet, But Its Lineup Has Us Worried

By Andy Campbell It’s a console and a mobile platform at the same time. It looks like it’ll be fun to play with friends. The controllers are weird and apparently comfortable to hold this time around. But will the Nintendo Switch’s lineup at least beat the unmitigated disaster that was the Wii U’s launch? Nintendo has been making a lot of promises since it announced the Switch in October. At its launch event ...

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Four Cool Gadgets from CES 2017

It's called the Hover Camera Passport. You can use their brand new app to teach the device to recognize your face. Then you launch it into the air and it hovers in place. The device can take pictures and videos of you ...

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Authorities Warn Of The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes’ Exploding Batteries

By Mary Papenfuss In a chilling video published by the U.K.’s ITV, smoke suddenly starts streaming from a man’s jacket pocket while he’s talking to a friend next to a baby buggy in a shopping mall in Leeds, England. Sparks then fly when e-cigarette batteries explode in his pocket, and he flees out of camera range of the CCTV video, apparently not understanding that the danger is coming from him. Fortunately ...

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