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CEDC and KNS ROCKSTAR celebrates Cesar Chavez Day

On Monday, March 31, 2014, Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) celebrated Cesar Chavez Day at Villa Cesar Chavez Community. KNS ROCKSTAR held an anti-bullying workshop and spoke to the youth about bullying and youth violence and how to overcome these issues. Six youth leaders from that very community, led by Priscilla Cisneros of CEDC, started with an icebreaker that set the tone for an important video that they wanted to share with other families within the community. KNS ROCKSTAR also shared a video that highlighted their “Stop Tha Bullying & Youth Violence” School Tour that shows the powerful message and the excitement behind the major incentives that are given to the students at each school by KNS ROCKSTAR. The workshop was then followed by a presentation of selected teachers from a few schools in the area that led to a Q&A session for the Spanish speaking parents to better understand bullying.

KNS ROCKSTAR then opened the floor back up to the youth and created a platform for them to speak about their own views on bullying. KNS asked a series of questions to those students that volunteered and all that participated were given Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets and movie tickets courtesy of County Schools Federal Credit Union. Keyi and Silky finished with a live concert where the whole community gathered to enjoy the hot tunes of KNS’ music. By the end of the last song parents that could hardly speak English were standing, chanting the words of each chorus that KNS sang. Students were wearing their “We Busy” movement shirts given to them by KNS as they were singing and dancing along. “It’s such a great experience to be able to work so closely with a non-profit organization that cares so deeply for the youth and families to build a better community,” said KNS ROCKSTAR.

CEDC has invited KNS ROCKSTAR to work on additional projects in the future at their various communities/property locations.

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