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Commercial Fishing Vessel Aground at Anacapa Island

On December 30, 2013, just after midnight, units responded to a report of injured subjects on a commercial vessel that ran aground.  Engine, Rescue, Battalion Chief, Ambulance, and Ventura County Fire Engine responded to the incident.  Engine crews found the vessel ran aground at Anacapa Island with 26 people and several injuries on board.  Engine crews joined the Coast Guard and assisted the vessel.  Upon making contact with the damaged vessel, Engine crews boarded the vessel and provided medical care to the injured victims.  The damaged vessel was escorted back to Channel Island Harbor.  Fire Crews and ambulance were waiting to assist and transport the victims to the hospital, two of whom suffered neck and back injuries and the third suffered a leg injury.

Anacapa Island is a small volcanic island located about 11 miles off the coast of Port Hueneme, California, in Ventura County. The Island is composed of a series of narrow islets six miles long, running in a mostly east-west orientation and is five miles East of Santa Cruz Island. The three narrow islets: East, Middle and West are collectively known as the “Anacapas”. The islets have precipitous cliffs, dropping off steeply into the sea. East and Middle Anacapa have fairly level areas at their tops, but West Anacapa is wider and reaches an altitude of 930 feet. The Middle Island reaches an altitude of 325 feet and East Island is 250 feet at its highest point. All three islands total 699 acres, or about 1.1 square miles.

Anacapa is part of the Channel Islands Archipelago (island chain), and the Channel Islands National Park. It is the smallest of the northern islands. The islands are defined by the United States Census Bureau as Block Group 8, Census Tract 36.04 of Ventura County, California. The official 2000 census population was 3 permanent residents (Ranger Station in the eastern part of East Island), and the total land area was 2.947 km2 (1.138 sq mi).[1] The highest peak is Summit Peak 2 on West Island, 930 ft (283 m).

East Island’s most notable natural feature is Arch Rock, a 40-foot (12 m)-high natural bridge.

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