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Community Advocacy Committee presents Summer Slam

Oxnard, CA — On Saturday, July 13, talented local singers, rappers, poets and instrumentalists gathered to showcase their finesse at “Summer Slam”, an open mic night, hosted at Café on A located at 438 South A Street.

The Community Advocacy Committee in conjunction with Café on A, Multicultural Community Ventures Initiative, LavLife Foundation, BAPAC, Save The Art Culture (S.T.A.C.), Hip-Hop Collective Group, and Black and Brown Youth Peace Coalition held the fundraiser to raise money for the upcoming “New Generation Explosion” Youth Summit in October. Attendees were asked to donate a minimum of $1 and could purchase raffle tickets for great prizes. Popcorn, nachos, and beverages were also available for purchase to fund the summit.

Café on A co-creator Armando Vazquez took a moment to voice his passion on the importance of the cohesion of community and art. “You have to organize and work together to fight power. Power never gives up power voluntarily. You need to snatch it. This center is about stepping up to power and saying I’m here and I need money and resources for our community. [I’ve] met thousands of artists; [I’ve] been doing art for 50 years. They are all broke because this community and every other community that suppresses people do not support artists. Why? Because artists think, artists create, artists move the revolution.”

Vazquez continued, “We have to be able to snatch some of that money and get it going. There is $150,000 that the city, by virtue of how we push them, is going to put out in the way of a RFP (request for proposal). In a couple of weeks, Dr. De Vries and I are going to start doing workshops for any of you young artists that are willing to learn how to write a proposal, step up to the mic and say we need this money. We will be able to assist you in a RFP; a proposal that will get you, almost assuredly, between $1,000 and $5,000. We did that last year.”

The Community Advocacy Committee is a unifying movement advocating for the transformation of black people and people of African descent to achieve greater levels of social justice in an intentional way for the greater good of our society. For more information, visit

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