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Donald Trump And How Right-Wing Media Threatens American Democracy

Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency was defined by fear, paranoia, and a distrust of the government and mainstream media. And it succeeded thanks, at least in part, to right-wing media outlets, which have spent the past few years competing for Republican voters’ attention by terrifying them with increasingly apocalyptic horror stories about the state of the country.

This brand of right-wing paranoia poses a real threat to American democracy — radicalizing voters and lawmakers alike. And if journalists can’t figure out how to effectively dispel that paranoia, Americans are going to keep seeing their government hijacked by hucksters who are more interested in profiting from a shtick than they are in actually improving lives. To understand Trump’s rise, you have to understand the incredible power of fear in American media

As Carlos Maza says in the video, it’s too late to be asking how to stop the Fox News’ and Rush Limbaugh’s of the world. Conservative media outlets have no reason to tone down the rhetoric now that Trump has won. This is all great business for them– but we should at least be clear about how the conservative media fueled his candidacy, what’s happening now and why.

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