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Don’t Listen to Dream killers. – Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan, pastor of Miracle Center of Ventura

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan

What the heck is a dream killer? A dream killer is somebody who tells you that “you can’t” or that “It’s not possible.” It’s that nagging person or voice that says over and over again…… “You can’t or you won’t there are two kind of dream killers.

  1. People who have no dreams
  2. People who are jealousy of your dreams

Here is a tip when trying to decide who and what to listen to in regards to birthing your dreams.  If the person giving you the advice has not accomplished their dream or is not attempting to birth their dream or is not living the life of their dreams, don’t listen to them tell you about your dream. Your family and friends mean well, but the truth is, those who are saying this to you are nowhere near achieving their goal for their life… why should you listen to them? They don’t really want you to accomplish your dream anyway, because it will make them look bad, because they have not accomplished their own dream yet. If Michael Jordan had told his friends and family in high school that he would be the greatest basketball player of all time….most would have said, “Dream on.” Some of them would have supported him but they would have had serious doubts that he could be the greatest ever. After all, he did get cut from his high school team. But he had goals and worked his tail off to reach them. And he did it. My whole point is this: You’ve heard the statement a thousand times that….”It can’t be done” or that you can’t do it!

If you buy into that, you…will…never…be…successful. Those that are most successful in life have bigger dreams than most people to start. The other thing you need to consider is the source of the comment. If those that are making that comment are wildly successful and living the life of their dreams, listen to them if they are not, why are you even bothering to listen?

If I listened to those that told me I would never make it….you would not be reading this today but I would of done like so many… just settling for a boring crappy life. What do you really want maybe you are just wishing you could be at the park on a Monday morning with your kids? As it turns out, I had bigger dreams then I thought and I knew what the possibilities were.

The result is that I am living the life that I want and that I choose. And you can, too.  It’s simply a choice. Freedom is completely indescribable. I get issue brought up too often and it’s very disturbing to me. People let comments and attitudes get in the way of their dreams all the time.

When they could have realized them so many times by actually listening to those that were living their dreams and not just wishing for them to happen. Do you have big dreams? Life’s a choice.  Choose well! Here’s the secret: Focus attention on the tasks that will lead to success. Before you make your coffee… Before you butter your toast… Before you drop the kids off at school or complete any part of your morning ritual, ask yourself this question about your trading day: What am I trying to accomplish today? And in the end what will it be worth? It’s a short question, but it packs a big punch. If you can’t address the question: What am I really trying to accomplish? Then you need to spend some quality time figuring out what your objective is and how you need to focus your attention to accomplish and exceed that objective. Whatever your goals, whatever your talents, you have to give your dream your full attention. Anything less will lead you in the wrong direction – closer to frustration and further from your dream.  So, ask yourself again: What am I trying to accomplish today? And continue to ask this question every day, several times a day, to maintain your focus on achievement. Don’t forget to put God first in everything you do live your life with passion, keep your heart in peace, and I will see you at the TOP!

Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by visiting

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