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Evangelist Jacquala Shropshire Brings “The Battle Within” Seminar to Oxnard

Evangelist Shropshire praying for seminar guest (Photo Credit: Gary L. Harbour)

By Gary L. Harbour

On August 12, Evangelist Jacquala Shropshire brought “The Battle Within” Seminar to the Courtyard by Marriott Oxnard Ventura. The seminar, featured Evangelist Shropshire and Bishop Curtis “Earthquake” Kelley, a former sorcerer and boxer. The seminar host was Pastor Dean A. Clark. The design of the seminar was, according to Evangelist Shropshire, “to help the body of Christ recognize who they are in Christ. You have to believe in what you are asking God to do for you as you walk it out in faith. The tactics of the enemy come to take you off your course even to destroy you, but GOD is salvation!!

The seminar began with the theme song from the movie Rocky. Debra Robertson entered with boxing gloves and robe, dancing and shadow boxing. On the back of her robe appeared “We Win.” Evangelist Shropshire introduced the host, Pastor Clark. The seminar participants were treated to a beautiful solo by Bishop Kelley’s wife, Selena Kelley, followed by dramatic poetic prose by Chandler Kelley.

Evangelist Shropshire addressed the seminar guests with a biblical discussion on the connection of the Body, Soul and Spirit. Part of this segment included having the seminar guests write down lingering negative feelings, thoughts and experiences. They were then asked to tear the list into tiny pieces and discard them. Healing prayers were then administered. Pastor Clark then preached about accepting the blessings and protection of God by fully recognizing the extent of His love. This was followed by another song by Selena Kelley.

Bishop “Earthquake” Kelley then took the floor. He thoroughly described the dangers of the occult. Bishop Kelley began with palm readers, admonishing the guests not to ever even touch the door knob, which is covered with demonic filth that can be passed on to others. Bishop Kelley then discussed fortune tellers, and those who muddle in fake tongues, who really communicate with death and destruction, not life and wholesome spirituality. Bishop Kelley then invited the seminar guests to come up for cleansing prayers and prophesy by Evangelist Shropshire and Pastor Clark.

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