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Evangelistic Missionary Baptist Church Celebrates Annual Youth Day

Pastor Torrence K. Nivens introduces Pastor Steve Perez (Photo Credit: Gary LeRoy Harbour)"

By Gary LeRoy Harbour

Port Hueneme, CA – On Sunday, August 24, 2014, Evangelistic Missionary Baptist Church celebrated their youth. They are sick and tired of the murder and violence in the streets. Additionally, youth, and many adults are plugged into technological gadgets to the extent that many can’t even drive their cars without texting and making phone calls. Kids play video games and text to the extent that some can’t write a sentence expressing a complete thought. New trends are emerging on the internet. People are being challenged to do bizarre things, and our kids are picking up the gauntlet.

Dumping a bucket of cold iced water for charity to empathize with the effects of Lou Gehrig’s disease is the latest challenge. One comedian even dumped a bucket of bullets over his head, empathizing with gunshot victims. However, other challenges have spread including swallowing dry, powdered cinnamon, which has resulted in collapsed lungs and long-term health issues.  Many (teens especially) have accepted the challenge to set themselves of fire, videotaping the episode, believing that they can quickly rinse themselves off and be okay. Wrong. This activity has quickly killed several people over the years.

In view of the zany dares and challenges facing today’s youth, the theme of the Annual Youth Day was: “EVANGELISTIC MISSIONARY CHURCH HAS ISSUED AN EXTREME FAITH CHALLENGE TO YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS. YOU’VE BEEN CALLED OUT! WE DARE YOU TO TRUST JESUS!”

The service began with wonderful selections by the Evangelistic Missionary Baptist Church Devotion Team. The entire congregation and visitors were then challenged to have and keep faith in God and Jesus Christ. Shortly after, the Pastor’s Angel Choir (small children), sang a moving rendition of “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin. Energetic, confident and spirit filled, everyone in the church to rose to their feet in praise and song, while a teen rapped in gospel cadence.

Poet Jessica Kimble then took the podium, expressing through poetry and song how we must tear down the walls of expectation and rise to the higher calling of our Lord and Savior. She was followed by gospel mime dancer Shaquile Read, who through her expressions and movements proved what many say, that people can be brought to Christ by simply watching Christ work through you. Jessica then blessed the church with another song.

Reverend Torrence K. Nivens, Pastor of Evangelic Missionary Baptist Church, then explained the theme of the annual youth day, reiterating the extreme faith challenge that our youth face today. He then yielded the pulpit, introducing Pastor Steve Perez of Fountain of Life Apostolic Church, in Ventura. Pastor Perez preached from Matthew 14:30-31, emphasizing that all can call out to the Lord when distressed. He emphasized the need for our children in high schools, colleges and even adults in the workplace to have faith when face with adversity. Such times we can call on Jesus, thus demonstrating our faith.

The Youth Department Director, Sister Terrina Price, gave closing remarks, thanking the Pastor’s Angel Choir, visitors, and all the volunteers who worked diligently to make the annual youth day a success.

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