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For your dream to live never look at the door out. – Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan, pastor of Miracle Center of Ventura

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan

I think one of the biggest hindrances to our joy, peace, health, wealth, and peace are the choices we make.  Most choices we make or are motivated and instigated by our past.

Too improve in our choices. We have to change our thinking. But our thinking is influenced from our thoughts from yesterday. Thoughts from yesterday put us where we are today.  A lot of the bad habits we have today we learned. They began with the environment of our home as a child.   To be successful we have to overcome the past. Sometimes knowing where you came from helps us, know how to move forward. Most of our childhood environment fit into one of the six categories

1) Over controlling environment-If you lived in a controlling home, you never learn to make decisions for yourself. And this will affect you today because you will hesitant to take personal responsibility, for your life. It’ll be easy for you today to avoid anything that requires taking on much responsibility.

2) A fear-based environment– People who grow up in fear generally are  afraid to try anything new they think it  might result in failure. They’re afraid to fail. So they don’t even try anything. They are great at making excuse why they can’t, but the real reason is fear.

3) INSECURE –ENVIORMENT—This person learns to worry about not having enough they spend their lives trying to gain security and never learn to take risk. Growing up they heard a lot of voice say what “they can’t afford and how bad things are”.

4) An abusive environment– People who grew up in an abusive environment, sexual, verbal, emotional etc.  Generally have self-worth issues and a lot of times these people become “self-abusive” they become their own abuser and squander everything they gain.

5) A performance-based environment-If you grew up in an environment where you had to perform in order to get attention, or love. Then today you will be what is called a people pleaser. This person will always try to please others because they are you’re fighting the rejection of the past. These people never take risk because they’re afraid that if they fail they will not be love and generally they never speak to their mind, they say yes when they want to say no, and they say no when want to say yes.

6) Too much responsibility, too early-Generally, these are people who were forced to become responsible for others at too early of an age.  They grow up without their childhood.

Growing up they either had to take care of, a sibling or maybe take care of a parent because the parent was emotionally immature or an attic of some- sort. People who generally grow up without a childhood, at some point in their adult life either spend their lives trying to be kids again, or they become so overly responsible, that they become control freaks.

Vision is the ability is the ability to look at the obstacle and see the opportunity. It’s looking at your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

It’s looking at your hard times and seeing the harvest. It’s looking at the impossible and seeing the possible. It’s looking at the poverty and seeing the prosperity. It’s looking at the dark and seeing the light.

There will be mornings when you just don’t t want to get out of bed  there will be a lot of times things will not go your way and at times  you will feel pain but you can turn your pain in to power.

In 1949, a young fifteen-year-old sophomore student made a decision to become the greatest athlete in the world. A pretty ambitious dream, but Milt Campbell has proved to the world he was no ordinary fifteen year old.  Milt had been studying the life of the man whose picture was on the back of the Wheaties box, Bob Mathias had won the gold medal in the decathlon competition at the Olympic Games in London, England in 1948. Mathias’ success inspired Campbell, who began to train his mind and body to do what Bob Mathias had done. Milt started to visualize himself standing on the top step, having the gold hung around his neck.

He worked hard and trained hard. Milt Campbell earned the gold; he realized the dream he carried in his mind for years.  Milt was asked what lesson he learned from his experience. He said he had many opportunities to quit. With every worthwhile goal, it’s the same – a door will always open to let you out gracefully. But if you want your dream to live you can’t take the door out! The key is never looking at the door out.
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Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by

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