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Fundi Legohn Named 805s Got Talent 2013 Music Teacher of the Year

Fundi Legohn and Tracy Lehr

805s Got Talent believes that fundamentals are essential in the growth of our students. We asked our many Facebook followers to vote for their favorite music teacher.

There was one teacher that stood out from all the rest, music director Fundi Legohn, Oxnard High School. The recipient of  805s Got Talent 2013 Music Teacher of the Year was praised for his eloquent teaching style.

Some voters praised his ability to  teach students to enjoy music, teamwork and to develop discipline.

“Whatever style of music you might want to play, from jazz to classical, you will find Mr. Legohn teaching it all,” said one voter.
Another voter said, “Mr. Legohn nurtures his students. He makes them have pride in themselves and has them lift their heads high and be proud of the instrument in which they play.”

Everyone wants their children to have excellent teachers. Mr. Legohn is the epitome of excellence. He is a skillful teacher with wisdom and understanding.

Mr. Legohn is a phenomenal band director who introduces his students to the beauty of music. He has the ability to take beginner, intermediate, and experienced musicians and turn them into a successful band. Mr. Legohn has shown that music is so much more than notes on a page.

Mr. Legohn has always been the teacher that goes above and beyond. He is consistently at school early and stays late. He inspires his students to work hard and to be the best that they can be. And that is why Fundi Legohn was voted Music Teacher of the Year by 805s Got Talent.

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