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Goleta Beach Restaurant Employee Swept Out to Sea in Storm Surge

One person was hurt after a giant wave crashed into a restaurant at the base of the Goleta Pier during Saturday’s storm.

Several employees at The Beachside Bar-Cafe were trying to secure outdoor furniture and board up the patio as giant waves crested over the pier and pounded the shore at Goleta Beach County Park.

A rogue wave took them by surprise.  Restaurant owner David Hardy says  “Our manager was actually washed out with the wave, went under the pier and was stuck under the pier.”

The man was able to get back to shore safely with the help of his co-workers.  He hurt his shoulder in the incident. The man was taken to the hospital and is recovering at home.

The powerful waves also flooded Hardy’s restaurant with seawater, broke windows and toppled furniture. Hardy says he’s going to clean up the damage and try to re-open his restaurant as soon as possible.

The Beachside Bar-Cafe also had a close call with two boats anchored offshore that broke loose in the choppy waves. One of the boats crashed into the base of the pier and broke apart, the other ended up on the sand next to the restaurant.

The high tides and heavy surf forced the evacuation and closure of Goleta Beach County Park until further notice.

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