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HNK Concepts Announces New E-book for the Fearless Five

HNK Concepts, a product development company, has announced the addition of an E-book offering for the popular Fearless Five picture book series. The Fearless Five are an adorable team of young children spending their free time using their imaginations to be superheroes. The five-part picture book series, in print for two years now, offers world-class artwork with fun and exciting storylines for reading 6- to 9-year olds while also keeping 3- to 5-year olds engaged during their reading time with loved ones. One aspect that has fed the popularity of the series is that the artwork and storylines are coupled with positive themes around teamwork, determination, self-esteem, caring for others and the environment without overpowering the fun and excitement.

When asked about expanding the series to the E-book format, Steve Johnson of HNK Concepts had this to say, “Despite our love for the printed book, we had to acknowledge and respond to the rising popularity of the tablet market. We like the idea of engaging children with technology and are determined to be a part of making them as digitally aware as possible. A dose of digital engagement can be a great addition to a day spent reading traditional books/comics, running, building, singing, exploring and helping around the house. A child needs to spend time doing all kinds of different things so that they can learn all the cool stuff they’ll need to become confident, caring and conscientious grown-ups.”

The E-book series is available for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color and Apple’s iPad.

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