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Host Brittany Pierce marries travel, culture and entertainment in a new series for public television

Brittany Pierce

Brittany Pierce

Rhythm Abroad with Brittany Pierce, a new travel series, premiered on April 24, 2014, on public television stations at 10:30 p.m. Executive producer and host, Brittany Pierce embarks on travel expeditions across the globe that connect viewers in cultural exchanges through traditional dance and native customs of people around the world.

Rhythm Abroad with Brittany Pierce provides viewers the chance to discover the connection among various cultures through dance and music. From French Polynesia to Europe’s Southern Spain and the Swiss Alps, and then on to Alberta, Canada — these unparalleled points of destination provide the opportunity for heightened cultural experiences. In each episode, Pierce fully immerses herself into the local culture by embarking on fun and the challenges of learning to dance to the beat of each country.
“What makes this show so great is it encourages people to dive right in and participate in a culture instead of observing from afar,” says Pierce. “I’m not a professional dancer, but I love a great beat and that’s all one needs is to feel the beat.”

Pierce, a veteran in front of the television camera, was a child actor. In college she studied journalism and worked in TV news before following her real passion, travel. She has married the two together in this new series for public television.

In the inaugural season of Rhythm Abroad, Pierce spans the globe bringing in a new era of travel entertainment in each episode.

  • Episode 101: Viewers journey to the sumptuous topography of Tahiti in French Polynesia and observe Pierce learning the fast hip shaking indigenous dance of Tahiti.
  • Episode 102: Pierce is transformed into a Spanish Gypsy as she has a foot-stomping good time learning Flamenco as well as sampling the culinary delights of Seville.
  • Episode 103:  The Swiss Alps are noted for skiing and winter sports, but Pierce finds an annual summer festival devoted to local folklore with the largest gathering of alphorns in the world.
  • Episode 104: A celebration of the Blackfoot First Nations people where Pierce dances in full regalia set against the natural beauty of Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park at the annual Blackfoot Arts and Cultural Festival.

Through each experience, Pierce invites viewers to understand the values of each community in their alluring, captivating, natural environments.

Rhythm Abroad with Brittany Pierce is produced by Julie Rosendo; presented by KQED and distributed to public television stations by American Public Television (APT). Baggallini underwrites the series; the executive producer/creator is Brittany Pierce.

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