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How to Get What You Want – Aspects Galore

Sue Hines

Sue Hines

By Sue Hines

When business is flourishing life is good. Even then, the pressure can build and you get that sneaky feeling you are headed for burnout. How do you stop it from happening?

Flagging motivation or getting caught up in the business of everyday life can dampen the thrill of going after what you want. This is when you want to tap into that SPARK that inspired you to get started in the first place.

Was it someone you met that first ignited your interest in what you do for a living? Did you open up to possibilities at a seminar or through learning something new?

Reconnect with your original idea.

The desire to be your own boss inspires more than half the small business owners to strike out on their own.
The reality can be a bit daunting, though. More than one small business owner admitted that “It is hard!” It is relentless, and often stressful and challenging.

When the initial enthusiasm gives way to the daily reality, what do you do to keep yourself energized and motivated?

As you focus on your passion, the time and energy it takes usually means something else doesn’t get done – for a while at least. Then things start to pile up…and you get worn down.

There is a special something inside you that you can draw on at times like these. Draw on it to re-ignite your enthusiasm and excitement and life becomes interesting again!

Find your genie, that often secret motivational well-spring in you. Get to know what captivates your attention and makes you enthusiastic and productive again.

Sue Hines is a life-long seeker and student of the art of finding meaning and purpose in  life. Sue has three decades experience in marketing and consulting experience with large and small businesses, including some of the world’s most famous and powerful brands. Sue’s passion is working with the small business owner or entrepreneur, helping them find the center for their brand. For more information, visit

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