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How to Improve the Value of Your Networking – Aspects Galore

Sue Hines

Sue Hines

By Sue Hines

The statistics show that taking a relationship approach brings far more success than looking for the transaction.

In fact, “relationship networkers”, those who build the relationship before getting down to business, achieve more business than those who are “transactional networkers” who look for the business first.

This means your mindset is the most important factor in achieving success through networking.

So if your networking is not bringing the returns you want, perhaps it is time to review your personal perspective so you can effectively engage with others.

Being the life and soul of a networking event may get you noticed, but is not necessarily going to bring you the business. It takes more than the ability to make people laugh and have fun.

As with any form of marketing, being memorable is valuable, but making the interactions you have MEANINGFUL is what gets people to know, like and trust you.

Developing and honing your networking skills and techniques definitely helps make you come across as professional. Reliably following up or following through keep you in people’s minds and builds trust.

But your attitude, how you approach the networking, sets the foundation for your success, and this comes down to your how you view your work and your life in general.

How others see you ultimately determines how well you will succeed. What impression are you creating through your body language, tone of voice, and general demeanor are what make people gravitate toward or away from you.

I have written before about first impressions, and the important thing to remember is that those impressions happen each time you meet someone. They come into effect the instant you go to a networking meeting – regardless of how frequently you attend.

The interesting thing is that while it only takes 7 seconds for someone to form an impression of you, it also only takes a few seconds for you to change your body chemistry, no matter what is going on in your life that might be troubling you or making you uncomfortable.

So, next time you go networking, leave you baggage at the door. Take a couple of minutes to straighten your shoulders and smile before you leave your car or before you enter the room. Research has shown that that’s all it takes to radically change the impression you make.

Sue Hines is a life-long seeker and student of the art of finding meaning and purpose in  life. Sue has three decades experience in marketing and consulting experience with large and small businesses, including some of the world’s most famous and powerful brands. Sue’s passion is working with the small business owner or entrepreneur, helping them find the center for their brand. For more information, visit

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